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Nimbus is entrusted with and provided access to proprietary information with the understanding that our unique capabilities make Arete an ideal candidate to provide economically feasible solutions towards the attainment of process goals. Nimbus is also regularly involved with major projects in wireless communications and other construction endeavors.



Nimbus is a leading provider of Telecom Infrastructure in India from Telecom Network Planning & Design to Operations & Maintenance. We offer a complete range of telecom services in India and abroad, that include world-class passive Telecom Infrastructure, Telecom Network Planning, Design and Operations & Maintenance services.


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Our Network Tools
An operator to rollout out 2G,3G on pan-India basis in short time.
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Infrastructure Series
We offers the best comprehensive solutions for passive telecom infrastructures.
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Operation And Management
O&M is committed to provide flexible, dependable and cost effective solutions.